One great weekend. One great book.

And the clouds parted for a day of water skiing bliss...

Yes, it really was that cold at first. I don't think I've ever skied in a wetsuit. I'm usually too chicken to get in the water if it's cold. It's amazing what I'll do to make a good impression ;).

I am ever-so-slightly aware that bringing out the slalom ski is my equivalent of bringing out the big guns. I was equally impressed with my male companion(s). Tim turned out to be an excellent driver AND can cut like a champ. check and check!

k. wallace tearing it up!

DC lent me some of its finest this weekend...It's going to have to last me six months. boo! or maybe I should say hoo...ah. either way it's going to be a long six months.


I am thoroughly enjoying and will highly recommend this book. It's a very interesting commentary on life, war and books. Many thanks to L&C for gifting it to me and to their new airplane friend en rout from Nashville.


Auntie Em said...

I am on the "list" to get this book next, my mom read it and LOVED IT and my mom's friend has it for the week, I'm next! VeRy ExCitEd to read it.

T*town said...

Hey, Great pictures. Thanks for posting them, and yes, i was diggin your "big guns". I had know idea that you can cut like that.