Furniture for Sale

It's been a long time coming...this getting rid of the furniture that I've used for the last seven to ten years. It has stayed in my mom's basement, hopeful of a time when I would retrieve it. But alas, the time has come for me to relieve my denial. It is not worth the effort nor cash it would take to get it to DC, so I have finally this stuff posted on craigslist and ksl...I would much rather see this go to the homes of loved ones or friends of friends.

Why is it so hard for me to get rid of stuff? Every piece holds memories of the deal that I got when I bought it, or the trouble of painting/sanding/repainting/putting it together, or the contents it housed for so many years.


Holly Hansen said...

Hey, my sister just bought a house in Salt Lake and is looking for furniture. Did you get rid of it already? Let me know.

chari-o said...

Hey Holly, I don't have your email address and I can't find you on facebook. I sold everything posted except the dark wood end table/nightstand. BUT I'm considering liquidating my furniture in UT. I have two nice bookcases and an oversized chair that I'd like to sell. comment with your email if you want to see pics (I won't post it).