Happy Memorial Day!

I decided that my first Memorial Day weekend living near DC, I needed to stick around town for the local experience. I am so glad that I did. During my tour last week of the Capitol (pictures and story to come), our tour guide told us about the concert at the Capitol on Sunday and the dress rehearsal the night before. We borrowed Tim's friends hog for the weekend, rode it downtown Saturday evening and parked it front and center (so many benefits to riding a motorcycle). We got there with enough sunlight to throw the Frisbee around and then parked ourselves on the lawn to enjoy the tribute (as they worked out the AV, timing and lighting kinks). Colin Powell was a little whiter than I remembered him and Brad Paisley just stood there making goofy faces for about 5 minutes (they were just stand-ins). It would've been fun to try to watch the real deal.

Earlier in the day, we rode downtown and took a walk down Thunder Alley. If you don't know what Thunder Alley is, you are missing out! There is this amazing sub culture here in America. Tim bought a black leather vest and some patches to go with the ones he picked up while in Iraq and we're planning on sewing them on all pretty like in time for next Memorial Day weekend. You'll see why in a second.

I'd like to thank Mr. Obama for providing all of us with free bottled water. He really will save us all! Well, from thirst anyway.
Today, after my first Sunday as a pending member of a family ward (don't worry, sacrament meeting was even louder than I expected, but relief society was so fantastic that it made up for it), we took that hog down the Pentagon parking lot and took our place in line for Rolling Thunder. This is us sitting under the freeway overpass--waiting for our parking lot's turn to start rallying

Yes, all those blobs are bikes and bikers. There were two other parking lots that were full of bikers as well. I think the procession lasted somewhere around 4 hours. That's what I call a pa-rade.

Coming over Memorial Bridge with Abe's backside (the Lincoln Memorial) in the background.

This view was pretty inspiring... It was so fun to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. There were SO many bikes and bikers and biker chicks. It really made me want to learn how to ride (which btw, I totally failed on my goal to learn while I was 30). I definitely have a little red neck in me.

And the weekend isn't even over yet!

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Auntie Em said...

how amazing is that?! Thank you for sharing a part of your weekend with us :)