A Tribute to Mothers

My ward today gave a tribute to mothers that was nearly as moving as primary kids singing I often go walking in meadows of clover and there were very few mothers in the congregation. There is something about being away from home that inspires the tenderness of feeling.

I love my mom's expression in this photo. How hard she worked as a young mother (younger than me and with three kids) to make Christmas a wonderful day. She made every gift she could by hand, and I am sure, scrimped and saved to come up with the ones that she couldn't--like the Book of Mormon scripture picture book and the plastic high chair and of course the Baby Beans. How much I regret my ingratitude as a youth.

I am blessed with an angel mother. I know she mourns the model she gave for marriage, but I hope she rejoices in the model she gave for motherhood.


Tiff said...

I love your mom too! Do you remember that day that I had a 'break down'...I'll alsways be grateful for her kindness!

katie said...

What sweet pics of your darling mom. Missing ya-hope all is well in DC