Grounded, Part 2

I'm technically still grounded, but it's getting harder to avoid wedding plans. Mostly because I really like party planning and I feel like so much of this, the ultimate party, basically my retirement party with which I must go out in style, is out of my control. My cute mom met with a caterer on my behalf today. I wish I could've been there to try out the goods and I hope they treated her "rill nais" {that's red neck for "very well"}.

She (my mom) also spent the whole day yesterday running from craft store to craft store getting the best deals on the perfect pieces for floral arrangements and centerpieces (not ready to give away the color pallet yet) and found the perfect napkins on a detour trip on her way home.

How does a DIY control freak like me plan a wedding reception from 2,000 miles away? I absolutely hate the idea of paying someone else way too much money {in my opinion} to do something I could do myself.

I do feel lucky to have connections to photographers, florists, videographers...but where is the caterer who can feed a multitude on a dime?? Or why can't I just do the food myself?? {I know, I know, can you imagine? I'd for sure miss my own sealing or something--making sure the asparagus is blanched the right way}. I keep have these brilliant ideas for decor, food, etc. but there is no way I can follow through with them without being in Utah for at least a month before the actual event. I have these visions {my poor family and future family} of turning the rehersal dinner into a set-up party.

Can you see why I'm grounded?


Kit said...

I have an idea.

HOw about you get married, with just a few best friends and family at the ceremony,

and then come back from your honeymoon and stay a week here and get it ready----and then throw the party of the century!

Might be fun!

Kit said...


The caterer didn't have a single sample for me to taste!!!

Fortunately. None of it was BELLY FAT CURE approved! But the photos looked FABULOUS....

chari-o said...

i'm already planning on coming a week early. do you think that's enough time to get everything together? can we hire some young women to replenish the buffets and pick up the "dirties"...?

Lorianne Updike said...

Wish I could be there to return the favor, charity! Oh I wish I wish...when is the big day again?