Bumb Grab!

It may sound a little bit like what happens when a pregnant woman walks down the streets of New York City. Total strangers feel entitled to share in the joy of the upcoming birth and will pat the belly, or so I've been told... BUT bumpgrab.com is SO much more appealing and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home to enjoy. 
bumpgrap.com is a NY-based company looking to bring quality, specialized  products (aka: fun stuff for parents, babies and expecting moms) for a deal. Once it's lauched, it will work a little like Groupon. bumpgrab.com will offer a daily deal featuring products offered by participating sellers at a discount--for bumpgrab.com customers only! Who doesn't love that??

A couple of girl friends of mine are the co-founders of bumpgrab.com and are about to launch their site. To celebrate, they are offering a couple fantastic giveaways. So head on over to their blog The Grab Divas, like them on Facebook (not sure if that link will work or not), and give them some love!

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