Me love you long weekends

Oh the luxury of the long weekend! Bless you Abraham Lincoln for being born and becoming our sixteenth president and for having a holiday made to celebrate it all (and George Washington too).

The Captain's former roommate and long-time buddy came up with another friend from DC to celebrate his own birthday in the big apple. It's always fun to have an excuse to do things we wouldn't normally, like take in a random broadway show and get dessert at Max Brenner at midnight. (the trains are so notoriously unpredictable and infrequent after midnight that we never stay out late for fear of it taking way too long to get home.)

So, here's to a fun day in the city with friends and to having an extra day to recover!

 Start it off right with some pizza...this time from Di Fara's (another ultra-famous pizza joint in Brooklyn on Avenue J). I will say that the pizza was a hit as was the owner-slash-pizza chef. BUT in all honesty, I like Grimaldi's better! What can I say? I guess I'm a Grimaldi's girl.  This one does get my vote for looks though. It's a very good looking pie. And what about that fresh basil that he snips off the bunch with scissors as you watch? Oh, and he also takes the pizza's from the oven with his bare hands. No joke. 
This was the pepperoni and cheese. yum!

After pizza, we went back to our apartment for the over-night bag drop off and purchased four discount tickets to "Sister Act" on the live stage. Very entertaining! I'll give it a 3.5* (docked for a bit of irreverence and a whole lotta breaking the 4th commandment).

Nathan's birthday wishes included pizza, a show and lots of sweet things to eat. I think we hit all three right on the noggin. I suggested Max Brenner to Melanie, so we made a reservation (the earliest was 11:45pm). When we told Nate what we'd done, he about jumped out of his skin and exclaimed, "That's where I wanted to go!" I guess he'd seen a blip on the TeeVee and bookmarked the website on his computer (come on Nate, haven't you heard of Pinterest??) 

This is the fruity tutty sugar waffle that Nate and Melanie shared. How cute is the little beaker filled with chocolate ganache? 
The Captain ordered the Italian "thick" hot chocolate in dark. Oh wow. I took two divine sips. 

I had the Orange Smoothie. Orange, mango, passion fruit, honey, and yogurt on ice. 

And then Nate got the ice cream popsicle bar for dessert ;). 

A good time was had by all! 

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