Pretty Perfect

I realize this is not a fashion or style blog. If you want that, you need to visit my sisters. (links to the right) 
I've been in the market for some new work pants for a while now and one day, like a light bulb flickering on in my head, I remembered how well Gap pants fit me. I'm a long-time Gap girl, having worked there all through undergrad and off-and-on post grad (for a total of about 5 years, though not consecutively and never got my 5 year pin).
So I got online and browsed around. Saw these on sale and ran down to my local retailer to try them on. Perfect. As always. Except they were still full price in the store. So I bought them online. And used a coupon. And got both colors for the price of one. Way to shop Chari-o!  

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