Felt Yummies

When my coworker, Veronica, invited us to her little girl's 3rd birthday party, I started to think about what we should get her. It's not very often, being this far away from family and friends out west, that we are invited to such events (though now that I think of it, we've been invited to two other birthdays for tots in the next couple weeks...so fun!)
Sure, there's the always cute, fun go-to outfit from BabyGap or Old Navy, but on a student budget I just couldn't find the extra cash.

Then I remembered (though in all honesty my craft basket is never far from my mind) my felt stash left over from Christmastime. It has been dying to be created into something.

I started with the cookies, because I've made them before and they are super easy. The chocolate cake and berry pie were a little more complicated since I made them up as I went. The adults were much more impressed than the kids were, but I'm still hoping Marlowe with enjoy playing with her felt baked goods.

If anyone out there is interested, I'd be happy to post some patterns and instructions later.


Beatriz said...

Hey! This are so cute :) could you share patterns or instructions, please? It would be the perfect gift for my bff's 3th birthday.

Thank you!


Melanie Keller said...

Love, love it!! So cute Char. I want to make some!