Pinterest Projects Pending

I'm in the midst of planning a baby shower for a couple friends who are both having girls, so we opted for a bundle of joy (get it? like when you put multiple things together?? hah!) and combining. Don't tell anyone, but I've seriously depleted my project budget. Maybe even over spent a little. Luckily the Captain has softened up a little and isn't giving me too much grief about spending my fun money for May. I am having so much fun paper crafting with pink, but I am also yearning for a full month's fun money for other projects too. Last Saturday (after tripping down the stairs on the subway) I allowed myself to puruse one of my favorite local fabric stores Fullton Street Fabrics and, let me tell you, the wheels were turning... (so sorry for the poor quality photos.)

1. You're eyes are not playing tricks, that does in fact say 2yds/$1.00 for various lace trims. Thinking about this project.
2. Some sort of Suiting blend, may not be the best quality, but for $4/yd I think I can justify a pencil skirt that may or may not last until the end of time. Thinking about this project.
3. When I was working on our ward Harvest Party, I looked everywhere for burlap. The only affordable kind I could find was at Home Depot and it was SO dirty and moldy and smelly. I was embarrased to even use it, but I did (sorry friends!). Think of this and this project.
4. $5 stretch denim. Oh the possibilities. I'm not even going to get started, but maybe I'll just think about making a friend for the whale.

 5. Oil cloth. I didn't get the price on these, but based on the trends, you know it's gonna be cheap. Thinking of these, these, and making a few of these.
6. The priciest price point in the joint. They've got some fun decorator fabrics. I mean, they probably aren't designer, but there are still some great options for pennies on the dollar compared to other places.

So much fun to be had I can't stand it!


Lindsay said...

Looks like you've got some fun on your horizon! And, oh, oilcloth! How I love it. I once found instructions for a darling scalloped tablecloth that I'd love to make (someday, when I have a table set up that would better allow for a tablecloth). I once went crazy with oilcloth, mostly making placemats and travel chalkboards for the boys (FYI: the chalk cloth variety of oilcloth = SUPER awesome). One of these days I'll tackle more oilcloth projects.

The White Silk Purse (Dana) said...

Oooooooh! I want an oilcloth lunch bag too!!

I love seeing all your paper project ideas. I love paper as a medium. Yes, I am addicted to all things paper.

My other current passion is jewelry made from silverware...

I miss you! Hope all is well.