Not your conventional St. Patty's day celebration

If you ever find yourself in the Bensonhurst area of Brooklyn, you must head over to 86 Chinese Restaurant. It's on 86th Street East of 20th Ave. By far the best Chinese food I have ever had, and with a dad who loves all things Chinese who served as a missionary for two years in Taiwan, along with two of my brothers, I've eaten a lot of Chinese food.

It's helpful to go with a few Chinese friends to help you order if you can't read or speak Chinese, because you would probably never know that the Pork Chops with Peking sauce would be the most amazing thing you've ever tasted (somewhat akin to sweet and sour pork). You may not know that the green beans are surprisingly good or that egg drop soup is a dish that only Americans order. And you probably wouldn't be able to figure out the receipt, other than the grand total, but you wouldn't be disappointed because where else can you get a table full of food, feed 10 adults beyond satisfaction  and have leftovers for under $130.00?

***** $

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