If you live in New York or come to visit, make sure you stop by Eataly. You're going to want to see the Flatiron Building anyway, so you might as well take a stroll through this amazing Italian marketplace.

It's crowded and the line for gelato is usually really long (we didn't go for the gelato anyway). It was the cheese and bread that caught our attention. And I never thought I'd say this, but the Erbonati di Pecora (directly translated as blue veined sheep) is worth $38 a lb. So amazing.


kitrwilson said...

Amazing. The beads are spectacular and I can't wait to try some of that cheese.
Tonight I taught your aunt Kim how to make bread in the Bosch as she's considering a purchase. We so enjoyed the experience that we (Kim and Scott and I) are going to take an artisan bread making class soon.

I learned some secrets at Chef Brad's class last week and tonight the hit was a lovely loaf with 10 grain cereal mixed in---plus hemp seeds ( for protein and omega's, not to get high) and cooked white quinoa. The bread has a great texture and is moist and delicious and won't fall apart like my old whole wheat bread used to when used in sandwiches. Can't wait to show you the tricks!!

Miss you, Charity---!!

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

we went there a few thanksgivings ago. mostly to just use the restrooms. and had to go back multiple times after playing in the park across the street!