The Hamptons

It's like a New Yorker's rite of passage--the Summer getaway known as the Hamptons. Our stop was Sagg Harbor and it was a great stop. We were invited, along with the other residents in the Captain's program, by one of his part-time attendings, all local endodontists who volunteers their time to mentor them. This one takes them out to dinner the first Monday of every month do discuss current research.

This quaint cottage tucked away in the woods belongs to our hosts, Dr. and Mrs. Kamen. It's been their summer home for 30 years. 

Make your own picnic lunch. This woman seriously thought of everything. The Captain kept saying, "she's you in 30 years..." Then I saw the sketch she drew of what the lunches would look like all put together stuck to her fridge and I knew he was right.  Yes, that's a bottle opener on the sole of his sandal. Why not? 

It was fun to hang out with some little people. 
The beach was beautiful. I didn't know beaches like this existed north of the Carolinas. 

 And what would a post be without a few Instas? 

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Loving your sunglasses!!