Whale Watching - Saturday March 22

There isn't much that I love more than being on the water on a warm, sunny day. Throw in a family of migrating gray whales, barking sea lions and frolicking dophins with some good music and fun people...oh and a yacht...honestly made for a fabulous afternoon.

Aaron & Britney, Rodney & Lisa, Clinton & Jason...and my pastey whitey self :)

Lisa, me, Debbie, Britney, Erin, Amber, & Melissa (above, not below)

This is Jack, Melissa's baby. He's 18 months and so cute. It was so much fun to have him around. That night, little Jack and I got to hang out while his mommy went to dinner with friends. I haven't gotten to hang out with a munchkin in a long time. He was so good, considering it was his first day meeting me and had to go down in a new house. Good practice for me!! Once I started to sing to him (which reminded me of this Brite Music song about a mommy singing less than musical lullabies) he calmed right down and eventually fell asleep laying across my lap. I was surprised by how hard it was to think of songs to sing. Finally I just started singing hymns and I had a very sweet and personal experience singing "Love One Another".
Thanks, Melis, for letting me watch Jack!


Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

I pushed publish, but i'm not sure if it worked. Here's my comment again. Just publish one if they all went!!

is that clinton felsted I see in the background?

i love whale watches. How fun to be able to see all of those so close. And what a great mom you will be Charity.

charity said...

the one and only, Clinton Feldsted.

Just for Melissa said...

Charity! This post was so cute. Thanks for putting the video together. I forgot how amazing it was to see the 3 whales there. Also, thank you again and again for watching Jack for me while I went out to dinner with my girlfriends across the street from you. You made it sound so easy but little does everyone know how late Jack stayed up with you - 10:30PM! You are a true friend Chairty. Thanks for all of your help and sharing your apple with him on the boat. You're the best! xoxo

PS... could you email the pictures from this day? Thanks!

Aubrey said...

How adorable is little Jackson. Looks like everyone had a great time!

Kit Kartchner said...

Nothing like having a sweet little tuckered-out angel breathing evenly on your lap, their eyes closed in dreamland, and your extra adrenaline needed to watch their every busy getting into everything body slipping away. . . . and just enjoy them! Such a lovely peace. I am glad you got this perk for your sweet service. I know your little nieces and nephew would love to have you be the one watching them tonight!
You have always been so great with children. . .of all ages!