tagged by my high school friend

I kinda like these tags, so thanks for tagging your high school friends, Holls!

-2 names you go by: Charity, Chastity

-2 things you are wearing right now: My old, orange suede slippers and a gauzy, green scarf and nothing else...just kidding.

-2 of your favorite things to do: read a good book and breathe the ocean air

-2 things you want very badly at the moment: to get rid of the blueish bags under my eyes and to be able to eat a carton of Dryers Oreo ice cream

-2 favorite pets you have ever had: Hopscotch, my hamster was my first-ever pet and McKenna, a gorgeous, sweet, blond retriever who we only had for a couple months before my mom gave her away, but those couple months she went everywhere with me (that was my junior year at BYU).

-2 things you ate last: That reminds me that I'm hungry. I ate a small baked potato and a breaded chicken tender (microwaved at school in between classes).

-2 people you last talked to: I just said hello to my roommate, Holly and before that I talked to my professor, Ann Arnold (super cool lady).

-2 things you are doing tomorrow: Meeting with my cute clients at the high school and hopefully meeting up with my cute sister, Bethany, at the Happiest Place on Earth!

-2 longest car rides: Gilbert, AZ to Salt Lake City, UT... and gosh this is hard, um Provo, UT to San Francisco, CA??

and I'll tag my book club friends!


The Hokanson Family said...

That was fun to read Char. Thanks for doing it. I laugh so hard when I look at your pregnancy countdown image. Your are too funny. I'm tempted to take mine off my blog, because it's almost making the time go slower, it's always there in my face reminding me...I also loved your take on "the fallows", I think your thoughts on that are so true.

Tiff said...

So many of these things made me laugh...ohh, the days of oreo ice cream at the avenues!

SLC to San Francisco...especially when you leave at midnight, run out of oil, blow the engine, fear for your life in the middle of the salt flats and get a ticket...all on the same trip!

I miss you!

Sara Jensen said...

Are you in school or are you working? What do you do for work?