Happy Birthday, Chad!!

My older bro is turning 31 today!
I hope you'll humor me while I reminisce....
He is 100% boy and I wanted so much to be like him. I think I followed him and his friends around way too much. But they were always doing the coolest stuff! Playing G.I. Joes, blowing things up with black cats, riding bikes through dirt dunes.
Everytime we went to California to visit our grandparents, we would have to go to Olivera Street in Downtown LA so Chad could get a bullwhip and pretend to be indiana jones. He also had a rambo knife.
When we were younger, and I'd get mad at him for something, he would sing "you are so beautiful....to me" and it would make me more mad on the outside, but secretly I loved it.

He has always been such a great example and really set the bar! I don't think he ever gave my parents anything to worry about.
And as the oldest, he has rightfully done pretty much everything first. The guinea pig. First to climb that rope we tied across our driveway, first to fall off the rope and break his arm, first to try bungee jumping, first to drive, first to total his first car, first to serve a mission, first to move out, first to get married, first to have kids.
He's an amazing dad to Adam and Brinly and I hope I find someone with his level of patience and understanding and spirituality.

Chad, you're one of my heros! Thanks for always giving great advice and always caring about me! I hope you have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

That was a very nice tribute to your brother. I am so glad I can read these and see into the heart of my children. Love You. Dad