Feeding Frenzy - Part Two

Read part one here.

This is the story I won't tell on the official blog, because the food was fabulous and the service more than satisfactory...

Parking: I drove around in circles through the flower streets, nearly lost a tire going off a curb I didn't see, finally found a spot on 2nd Street and walked up a small hill in heels. I love being a girl. Lesson learned--park at April's and walk with her or vallet.

Restrooms: Through the kitchen and out the back door, I promptly forgot the "watch your step" sign and stumbled up a rickety flight of stairs to a one-seater in a barely better than pubic beach comode. Lesson learned--go at home.

Departure: Walking back to my car, I passed Ruby's and was flooded by the heady aroma of burgers and fries, along with unexpected memories of Ruby Chick Burgers and spit wad fights. Only one person will get that. Lesson learned--maybe I should blow this popsicle stand and move out of town.

I tried really hard to not look so tired...I'd post the other takes, but they're just embarrassing.


Kayla R. said...

it was nice to see you at the air port! you look great:) hope your 4th of July went well;)

Natalie said...

When I first saw this I was worried I had missed something! I'm glad to see you're reviewing all those places I drive by and wonder..."is that place really good?" Can't wait to see the rest.