I Bleed American

I stole my title from myself...so what? Yeah, and those other guys...

Here's the deal. I love the 4th of July. I love my family. I really love my family on the 4th of July. We are so fun.

Here's the evidence.

My uncle Josh calls in the donut order the night before: "Can we have 2 dozen red, white & blue sprinkled pastries of fatty goodness boxed up for us by 7 am torrow? Thanks!"

Can it get more ghetto fabulous than this?

Yes it can!

The pre-parade...It's a tradition! The whole Star Wars crew comes out to make an appearance. This year, Obi 1 waved me out of the way, "We can't slow down!" Chill Kanobe, we just want a photo!

How about this...the Kartchner-Brown-Rowely-Grant-Hawley-Smith-Frame (where were you on this one?) -Miles block...where we all gather to soak it in.

Yes, that's a BYU basketball player in the background. We're kind of related which kind of makes me famous.

These little kids are the loves of my life. Adam looking at a flag laying on the ground near my feet: "Charity, I don't have a flag." Me: "Do you want this one?" Adam: "Okay, Thanks!"

That's some serious sugar on the asphalt!

Then there's the lake. Which lake? The only lake worth frequently in the UV. I am a watersnob, it's not my fault, my parents created me that way. Whether it's for drinking or for boarding. This lake is warm and big enough to fit all of Utah County. Except, when all of Utah County is there, all we do is swim, tube & surf...

Follow that up with some Rio (not pictured) and a family-style BBQ!

"Show me your tat, Brin! Flex those muscles!"

& some sparklers& some Northgate neighborhood fun...

Makes for a really great 4th of July! Let's do this again next year...and the next and the next and the next...


Aubrey said...

You bleed HOTNESS too!

The Hokanson Family said...

Char- I'm so mad!!!! I can tell by your parade pictures that we were sitting less than a block away from you and your fam. Dangit! I wish I would have known, then I could've walked over to see you. Hopefully next time you're here we can do something. Give me a heads up next time you think you're coming. I'm glad you had a great time here. I bet it was fun to see your new niece too. Love ya and miss ya tons babe.

Kit said...

I love the Fourth of July! I loved that you came and shared it with us! I loved your great photo journalling of the festivities. . . thanks Charity!!!
MMMWhah! ( that was a big kiss)