Flight Deck

I've spent a few hours this week buying new music (thanks to Tara's great idea to hit up the HOB last weekend), organizing my iTunes and updating the iPod that stays plugged into my car.

The lephrechan recognizes 5 playlists from the iPod if they are named "MINI 1", "MINI 2" and so forth and those playlists can be operated via this beauty of a control deck. It cost me a pretty penny to add this feature... However, I get lazy and leave the pod plugged in all the time. It was getting seriously outdated and in need of some love. As I was going through my playlists, I deleted almost everything and started over--throwing almost all my music into the 5 playlists based on genre and timetable (only a blessed few would recognize whisper rock as a genre). In doing so, I ran across some old friends like this one by Lizzy McGuire and other ditties by peeps such as Hoku and Aqua. You wanna know more about the teeny pop phase I went through in 2003?

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tara said...

ha ha. whisper rock. awesome.