i ♥ my family!

the last few weekends have been filled with family fun!

weekend one: i got to spend some time with these cuties while their parents were apartment hunting a couple thousand miles away.

Me: What are you making Brin?
Brin: I mating a mowndain (translation: "I'm making a mountain")
ah...I watched this creation come to be before my very eyes as Adam scrolled back and forth through different hair colors/styles, nose, skin tones, and finally the addition of the name "Adam" and age "5". Cracked me up to see his perception of himself.

it's a Brinly turtle. Ever heard of it? Pretty sure it's extinct. Yes. I let her have her "pa-pa" (aka: pacifier) probably a lot more than her parents do. I'm a softy.

Stamp Power!
Adam reading to us about Pachylorsaurus. Adam, how do you spell that again?

Waking up to these kiddos was so fun.
Church: I don't know how you mommies do it. I only had two well behaved kiddos to worry about. I gave Adam my phone to look at pictures and the next thing I know, the flash is going off. He figured out how to get to the camera and snapped a couple of me in sacrament meeting. I tried not to laugh. Adam gave a talk in primary. We wrote it the night before. Well, he told me what to write and I wrote it and then he read/paraphrased the next day. The whole room was just in awe when he read the scripture he chose to go with missionary work and sharing testimony, Alma 26:28. No big deal, just a barely 5-year-old reading Alma. Because Alma was a missionary and his talk was about missionaries.

We got to see Avery & Q for Sunday dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's. Brinly loved on Baby Quincey. It was reported that before the family vacay at the beach and their move to the midwest, Brinly and Avery were wrestling/hugging and Brin pulled back and said, "I'm going to miss you Avery". Ah...
Making spaghetti and meatballs and snakes.

I had planned on blogging a bunch of our cute conversations and funny moments--since I don't have my own kids to blog about. I took too much time off. Blasted memory. How about this one. After we picked Chad and Keira up at the airport, they took me to Carl's Junior for some quick dinner before my flight left and Brin was super upset. I figured it was because, though I tried, she didn't go down for a nap that day. Chad took her outside to talk to her and came back in. She wasn't crying anymore and even started to eat her chicken nuggets. He said that she told him that she was sad cause I was leaving. Break my heart! I lost it right there. Overcome with the emotion of them moving so far away and missing them already. Then Brin sat on my lap and ate the rest of her food while I told her she could call me on the phone anytime. Love you and miss you guys!

Weekend Two: Rowley family reunion. Whale...er common dolphin watching, which was just as great as they put on quite a show for us!

Little Cousins!
It was fun to hear Grandpa Al talk about his parents and their parents and to meet his cousin and family.

Weekend Three & Four: Family Vacation in Newport. Beaching. Shopping. Eating. Playing games.

Collin & Liz and kids had their photo shoot w/ a friend of mine. Col keeping Avery entertained before the magic started.

I stole some photos...
This was the order of the day, chasing Avie as she fearlessly ran into the waves, rolled in the sand and literally feasted on the elements.

...and talking about Breaking Dawn...so much that Dad picked up Twilight at Costco to find out what all the hullabaloo is about. Apparently Edward & Bella didn't hold his interest as well as they did his daughters'.

Fun times, Fam!! Love you Forever!


Rapier Family said...

man you have had a busy 3 weeks. How fun, that it was all spent with family. Looks like you had a blast. we need to get together some time when your in town.

emily frame said...

its good to know my thighs aren't as cottage cheesy as i thought.

p.s. mom will kill you for your civil disobedience. i am so glad you posted that!

Aubrey said...

Isn't family time the best! Loved looking at all your cute family photos! I can't wait to be an Auntie like you.

Natalie said...

Looks like a fun family time. I love that you're Dad started reading Twilight...that's classic. My Dad was asking me about it and was really not getting it.

Haven't seen you for a while...hope all is well.

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

i have to agree in saying that you do have a great family. looks like a great vacation.

where is your brother going to school?

katie said...

Looks like you made great memories with your fun family. That's hilarious your dads reading Twilight!

Kit said...

We had an interesting conversation about Twilight. Kelly can't understand why all the girls rave about Edward. Finally, Bethany said, "Dad, he's aggressive in the way he goes after Bella. He pursues her." Kelly said, "So. All men do that when they are courting someone!"

Bethany said, "No, they don't, Dad."

I had just finished "Boys Adrift" by Leonard Sax about the epidemic of young men and 20 -30 year old Boys who won't grow up, take on responsiblity, commit, move out of moms house, pursue marriage, etc.

Kelly came home the next night and said they talked about Twilight in the OR that day, and it was amazing to hear that all the nurses at work say, "No one is like Edward anymore. We have to chase the men. They don't pursue."

Hmmm...he thought Edward was no catch because all the men in his generation were like Edward!

Stephanie wrote a novel for this time, didn't she?

Just wondering...how much have our women contributed to this by becoming the pursuers...giving away freely intimacy reserved for marriage in earlier days, and how much of it is due to the endocrine disruptors in PLASTIC???

elizabeth said...

laughing at emily's comment! hehe!