New Pics

of my loved ones.... mikey, you are one rad mophotog!


Aubrey said...

WOW Charity! Those were some great photos. Mike did such a great job capturing the beauty in the Katchner family.

collin, liz, q&a said...

Did you see the one of you holding avery on the garbage and she's levitating?

thanks again for the help that day!

em + russ said...

did i read that right? mo-fo tog?

Kit said...

Avery jumping on the trash is one of my favorites. You just can't keep that girl down!

Aren't these adorable photos! Mike did an amazing job and the models are all incredibly beautifullllllllll!

elizabeth said...

can't believe my daughter is jumping on a trash can-she does look cute though!


she loves chettie!