even better than Saturday morning cartoons

I woke up this morning earlier than I wanted to. When am I just going to resign myself to the fact that I can't sleep in?

In the process of packing and getting ready for my big move to Huntington next weekend, I came across the DVDs of our trip to England and Italy...remember girls? What a blast. So, when the morning sun woke me up today (oh wait, the sun wasn't really up yet) I decided to make really good use of my time and pull those bad boys out. I must say my videography skills have improved significantly since then AND I'm totally regretting that I didn't save the movie files. What happens if these precious discs ever get scratched?


The Hokanson Family said...

Are you kidding me??? I never knew you took a trip to Europe!!! Even if it was a few years ago, you are always living out my dreams. You're such a pretty girl Charity. Good luck with the move. I wish I was moving there too! :)

Terra said...

what a fun trip- those were the days, huh!