I'm super disappointed. Wasn't JLH quoted as saying she loved her body after those "chubby" bikini pics were published?

I guess she wasn't as in love with her body as I thought. I mean, she looks great now, but she looked great before in a normal person sort of way.

I hate hollywood.


Freeman Family said...

So I totally bought this magazine and thought the exact same thing!! My thoughts were~ what a sell out! I mean she looks great, but I thought she was on the I am happy the way I am band wagon. It also bothered me that she tried to pass it off as, she wanted do this for herself and that Hollywood had nothing to do with it. Sorry Jennifer- I think not!

collin said...


Kit said...

Yeah for real girls.

Yeah for real bodies.

Yeah for healthy, fit, strong, comfortable women.

Yeah for men who appreciate real women and don't fall into the "I need a dolly trap."

Yeah for my own beautiful girls!

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

i saw this magazine and had the same thoughts as you. if she was really comfortable in her body, why did she feel the need to change it and change it that drastically?