Joshua Radin is Dreamy and so is KS Rhoads, but not as much as Josh

I was told that I need to post something juicy...well here you go, Colby :)

I'm pregnant...with a musician's baby! Not really, but sick! Right? I can't believe I didn't suck in my gut for this photo. Geesh. Maybe I was too focused on not getting choaked to death. I should crop it :).

Here's the real story:

On August 23rd, 2008 I was at the House of Blues (affectionately called the HOB) in Anaheim: Downtown Disney to see one Joshua Radin (see link to the right). I love these shows cause you just never know what gems will be opening. I'll be honest, did not love the first girl and don't even remember her name. BUT Erin McCarley was amazing (see link to the right) and so was her keyboardist who turns out to be Kevin aka: KS Rhoads. I have previously mentioned this "thing" I have for musicians, right? Okay, so as Erin is winning over the entire audience...I'll just give you our conversation, that's right. OUR conversation:

Erin: So, we tried to go to Disneyland today, cause we're right here and they wouldn't let us in. I guess if we wanted to pay $94.50 we could've gone, but...

Me: [from the darkness of the crowd] You can use my pass!

Erin: Oh, that's so sweet! If we were going to be here another day, I'd take you up on that.

KS: Who said that?

Me: [peaking my head around so as to fall into the spotlight and waving my hand, very sheepishly...I do like talking to the people on the stage, but not this much]

KS: Do you cook?

Morgan: YES, she does.

KS: What's your number?

Me: 949....

Audience: giggling

Maybe it should've ended there? Maybe, but it didn't. It took a couple songs for me to get up the courage to write my number on a piece of franklin-covey paper from Morgan, along with the words, "For a home-cooked meal or disneyland..." SO lame. If I could I would go back and come up with something WAY better. Then, I worked my way up to the stage. I folded the paper like the rookie that I am, so when I tossed it on the stage, it flew like a shoddily made paper airplane and landed in a pile of cables under his keyboard. I was content to leave it just like that, but the gay dudes (referring to sexual orientation, not personality) leaning on the stage grabbed my note, crumpled it into a ball and gave it a worthy throw landing it right under his seat. Then some of the other girls who were there yelled, "KS, KS" and pointed at ground.

It actually was pretty funny how it all went down. Then Erin noticed what was going on and said, "KS, are you getting love notes? I guess we're in the 2nd grade. I can't take you anywhere."

I felt just about the lamest I've ever felt before in my entire life. I am not a groupie!

After the show, we really wanted to meet Joshua. So, I led the pack (who were HOB newborns) back to the patio where it's know the musicians meet & greet. That's where this happened and I realized that I was definitely not showing enough skin to get anywhere with this Guiness loving, piano genius. Even if I'm carrying his child. Oh wait...shoot.

But really. How dreamy is this little guy? Come on?! Don't you just want to put him in your pocket? Or wear him like a backpack so he can play sweet whispers of his version of rock in your ear?
That's right. I'm pretty ticked about this one. "We'll go downstairs to see if we can find Josh, and we'll call you if we see him, and you guys (Tara and me) call us if he comes upstairs!" Do you think we got a phone call or even as much of a "come down to the stage" text? Nope.


tara said...

yay! you got the pics! and i seriously can't believe you posted that last photo. there is actual steam rising from my head...again. :)

elizabeth said...

funny!! :D

Nicole said...

Great story, makes my life seem so....dull! I miss ya, come visit me!

Melly Mel said...

That was an awesome story~ I wish I was with you this time!!! You are lucky!

Mango said...

Ahhh! I am sorry about that! I didn't have your number then and Wendy was trying to call you and got frazzled as we were being shooed out by security and sneaking in with JR's Uncle! Remind me to tell you a funny story I heard about JR the next day!

T*town said...

I love the belly shot. It's a personal fav.