Emigration Canyon (aka: I love unemployment)

Ruth's Diner has the best biscuits I've ever tasted...or photographed...

and a really yummy spinach omelet.
My friend and former co-worker, Tara, just purchased a new SLR and wanted to practice. I had my dad's Nikon--which I know nothing about, other than the very basics, but we had some fun anyway.

who knew that there were white alligators that are not albino? probably my nephew. he's really smart.

after the zoo, I took a drive up an unfamiliar canyon and enjoyed some scenic vistas. I must say, though, the Alpine Loop is looking much more colorful.

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The Hokanson Family said...

Wow, those are some pretty good pictures for an amateur.:) I wish I had a better camera, and knew how to take great pictures. I'm glad you're enjoying a little free time. Can't wait to see you!