My last trip to d-land as a So Cal resident.

Bethany flew down to help me move. We spent one of my last days at the happiest place on earth.

Starting the day off right or not so right...either way this brownie sundae tasted really good.

"Is that James' giant peach?"

oh, nope. it's a smelly orange rind with bees buzzing around the middle.

bee bee. bzz bzz.

california screamin'

tower of terror

splash mountain
space mountain, the usually long line. someone found some que entertainment. it's blurry, but yes, that is twilight.
space mountain, the ride
honestly couldn't have picked a better day/time o' year to go. seriously short lines. we did pretty much everything in california adventure, including the bug's life theater and Ursula's grotto where she stole our voices. fortunately, we got them back.

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