catch up

Please ignore that I have the same cheesy smile in every picture. Halloween 2008. Good times. I was on candy duty. Thank you Em & Russ for hanging out with me and keeping me from absolute boredom. I was a flower pot. Pretty proud of this creation. Be was that LA ink girl and Em was a Native American. We're hoping the costume gets another use in a couple weeks on a special Thursday.

One of the great joys of unemployment...babysitting this tot. I found her like this, I swear! In the kennel with Scout. She loves that dog.

I missed the memo to cross one eye. Bebe is so talented.

Did not miss the kissy face memo.

Ashley Opal...the newest addition to my cousin Cory's family. I just couldn't get enough of her and her green eyes. She couldn't get enough of spitting up on my sweater. Luckily I layered.

Another of a pair of twins. This is Aden. He and his identical twin bro, Xander belong to my cousin Meredith. Adorable.

I feel super lucky to live by so much family. On Sunday, three of my dad's brothers and their wives and three of my cousins and their families came over for dinner, not to mention my siblings with connected ones in tow (which included 11 kiddos from the next generation). We had an extended family preparedness FHE. My uncle, the patriarch of our family, bore his testimony of the importance of following the prophet--a rare treat for me that was very moving. I love my family.


Aubrey said...

A flower pot? That is just too cute! :) Miss you around here!

brit said...

love the costume! it was good to run into the other night! glad your back here!