Super Tuesday

I was nervous when I didn't see my absentee ballot in the mail that I wouldn't be able to vote in this election (my ballot came on Monday. Not enough time to mail back by 8pm Tuesday). Thanks to a little internet research and a helpful friend, I'm hoping my vote will be counted!

I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried about the outcome of today's election. Last night in family prayers, my mom felt inspired to pray that people would be inspired to vote for leaders who will protect the rights of unborn children. I feel like this is such a critical election and I didn't do enough research for the local politicians' and legislators' positions on such things as abortion. I hope that more vocal issues, such as president and prop 8--as important as they are--did not completely distract from others' proactive research like they did mine.

Trying to not be sick to my stomach.


The Hokanson Family said...

Ditto Char. Well put. Are you missing the Cali. weather right now? I'm trying to plan a lunch date for some of us girls...what's your schedule like? I'll call ya.

Marfa said...

You're so right that children have life, liberty and happiness...even if they are still in the womb! Let's pray that one day someone who can stand up for what's right will become president!!!