a letter mailed via the universe, a new tool and a new temptation

I had to reformat my letter because it didn't read right. Sent via the universe because I don't know if the person it is intended for will read it here...I guess there is a chance, but it's more likely that he will just have to sense it through the universe :).

Dear You,

You need to know that you are deserving.



p.s. hurry and line your ducks up.


This (but not the cordless) plus a set of carving and engraving bits are waiting for me in my car. I can't bring them in yet because I have other projects I need to finish first. I am giddy with excitement to get started on some of the ideas bogging up my brain. I feel a new motivation today and am loving life. Yay!


I noticed one of these is popping up not five minutes from my current residence. I am in trouble and so is my figure. Perfect! Right before swimsuit season. What's a cheeseburger loving girl to do?


em ♥ russ said...

where is this coming?

and double you tee eff about laswell. i've been missing out. i blog surf with the mute button on.

tara said...

mmmmm. five guys. always the first place i hit when i go home to va.