Road Trip

I just spent a week in God's country. It has been said that the natural affinity we find in ourselves for certain landscapes is an indication that we lent a hand in its creation. If that is true then I must have found myself a great deal of that day in the rich deserts of Arizona and Southern Utah. I imagine that I longed to bathe my not yet physical skin in the warmth of the southern sun even then. I am tempted to pack up my belongings and fly south for a while. It felt SO good to be there. I don't even know how to explain it other than that Arizona still feels like home. My cactus roots grow deep. There is just something about the contrast of the pale green palo verde trees against the burnt orange rocks that is mesmerizing to me.

Reading that back to myself reminds me of a recent conversation about parsimony vs. proliferation (as in speech--I know I've heard both of these words used to refer to verbosity or the lack thereof, but I couldn't find proof of either in any dictionary. I did find the word prolixness which would work in my case). Maybe I should just say, I love the desert and think I have loved it for a very long time. me love you long time.

I will write more about it later and post a few photos, but now I just want to soak in a hot bath and sleep in my own bed!

ps, I may be prolix in my writing but rare is the one who can bring it out of me in real life.


InterestedReader said...

Sounds like you had a great trip. Thanks for the new word of the day. It'll be a good one to use next time I play Scrabble. ;)

I found this site that I thought you may find it interesting:

I would guess that you are an ISFP, but I could be wrong.

Have a good week!

charity said...
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