You don't let the people you love be alone.

My life just got a little less crazy tonight so I got to catch up on the last three weeks of Grey's. I didn't realize how much I had missed "my friends" at Seattle Grace. I bawled like a baby through most of the three hours (rather 2.25 hours skipping through the commercials).

I know, I know, it's just a tv show, but the current plot is hitting a little close to home...Hale 5, that is, my island home away from home where I met this beautiful girl.

Ange, you amaze me. Please keep on fighting.

Who would've thought Karev would become one of my favorite characters? His closing words tonight, maybe we have to get a little messed up before we can step up, profound, huh? Why is it that sometimes people on tv seem more real than the real deal, flesh and blood? Ah, maybe it's because you get to "experience" the darkness with them. The writers make sure you know what's going on, draw you in and play on your empathy and compassion. While real people try to hide it all away. We're pretty good at trying to be perfect or at least trying to seem perfect. be. hm.

Life is so short and so valuable. As my doctor friends learned tonight, you don't let the people you love be alone.

On a lighter note, tonight was a lot of fun! Thanks to all who dropped in to browse and shop. The response we had at the first ever "Into This" event was more than we could have expected. We ended up with four college ruled notebook sheets full of emails to add to the mailing list.

Now I can re-focus my efforts on the j.o.b. search. Any suggestions?


InterestedReader said...

I'm glad to hear that your entrepreneurial venture went well last night. Keep up the good work! :)

Vis-a-vis your comment I read a President Lorenzo Snow quote this morning as part of my study that seems applicable. Sorry about it being so long. Hope it is helpful. Have a good weekend!

There was the Apostle Peter, for instance, a man valiant for the truth, and a man who walked before God in a manner that met with His divine approval; he told the Savior on a certain occasion that though all men forsook Him he would not. But the Savior, foreseeing what would happen, told him that on that same night, before the cock crowed, he would deny Him thrice and he did so. He proved himself unequal for the trial; but afterwards he gained power, and his mind was disciplined to that extent that such trials could not possibly affect him. And if we could read in detail the life of Abraham, or the lives of other great and holy men, we would doubtless find that their efforts to be righteous were not always crowned with success. Hence we should not be discouraged if we should be overcome in a weak moment; but, on the contrary, straightway repent of the error or the wrong we may have committed, and as far as possible repair it, and then seek to God for renewed strength to go on and do better.

...There came a time in Abraham's life, however, which must have been very trying; in fact anything more severe can scarcely be conceived of; that was when the Lord called upon him to offer as a sacrifice his beloved and only son, even him through whom he expected the fulfillment of the great promise made him by the Lord. But through manifesting a proper disposition he was enabled to surmount the trial, and prove his faith and integrity to God. It can hardly be supposed that Abraham inherited such a state of mind from his idolatrous parents; but it is consistent to believe that under the blessing of God he was enabled to acquire it, after going through a similar warfare with the flesh as we are, and doubtless being overcome at times and then overcoming until he was enabled to stand so severe a test...

If the Apostle Peter had become discouraged at his manifest failure to maintain the position that he had taken to stand by the Savior under all circumstances, he would have lost all; whereas, by repenting and persevering he lost nothing but gained all, leaving us too to profit by his experience.

...When we once get it into our minds that we really have the power within ourselves through the gospel we have received, to conquer our passions, our appetites and in all things submit our will to the will of our Heavenly Father, and, instead of being the means of generating unpleasant feeling in our family circle, and those with whom we are associated, but assisting greatly to create a little heaven upon earth, then the battle may be said to be half won.

Kaitlyn said...

I heart Grey's! I never cry while watching TV shows except Grey's. I think I like it a little too much, and sometimes forget that it's not real.