10 reasons to...

date the man cubs!

I have recently been introduced to the Man Cub phenomenon--expanding the dating pool to include the 21 to 25-year-olds. Many a lady in my circle is getting tired of dating dudes our own age and older, because they seem to be getting more and more boring, unresponsive, spiritually lazy, and just stuck in their ways. They are more interested in hanging with their "boys" and furthering their careers, than having good, clean fun with the opposite sex.

I have never, before now, even been open to the idea of dating younger men. I even had a "decade rule" (I wouldn't date anyone who hadn't been born in the same decade as me. Since I was born in 1979, that meant the youngest I could go was 6 months younger). I have recently been smudging that line a little by going on dates with 27 and 28-year-olds--kind of a big deal for me. But, the other night...morning...while I was driving home from a super fun evening with one such man cub whose age will remain undisclosed, thinking to myself, "Really Charity? Twenty-freaking-two????" ;) with a huge smile on my face, I decided that I just might enjoy this man cub phenomenon.

My over-analytical mind requires me to come up with reasons for erasing the decade rule in favor of the blessed 1980s (still not okay with dating those born in the 60s and probably never will be). So here are a few that I've come up with.

The Man Cub...
1. asks me questions about myself, actually appears to be interested in my answers, remembers what I say, AND isn't over-interested in dishing out solutions and his own theories he thinks are facts.
2. hasn't lost interest in planning a thoughtful date and executing it.
3. loves that I have a graduate degree--it doesn't intimidate him or make him feel badly about not have one of his own because he isn't old enough to have had the chance yet.
4. has enough energy to go dancing all night. Gotta love the man cubs' stamina.
5. , being that he hasn't been home from his mission that long, loves that I served a mission and wants to hear all about it.
6. still respects boundaries of physical intimacy and is committed to keeping the rules.
7. thinks being seen with me in public makes him more legit and loves it.
8. doesn't drop my hand when his friends walk up and isn't afraid that holding my hand will ruin his chances with someone else.
9. does not have "over-the-shoulder syndrome". They think older women are super cool, appreciate our "maturity" and think that we "just get better with age" (that's a direct quote).
10. has not yet lost an optimistic outlook and are still upbeat, happy and affectionate.
11. is super complimentary.
12. thinks he's the luckiest man cub alive to be hanging out with me.

13. I forgot one, they haven't let their bodies go, but not in a "meat head" sort of way. Chiseled abs and strong arms make me swoon.

Okay, so that's more than 10. And NO, this does not make me a cougar.


InterestedReader said...

After a very good and productive forecasting meeting with a colleague, I came back to my office to find a very pleasant surprise in my Microsoft Outlook RSS inbox: your man cub post. I found it to be a hilarious respite from my work routine. Thank you for putting it up.

Good for you! You deserve it. Have great fun! President Howard W. Hunter began dating his wife when he was 20 and she was 26. When they married he was 23 and she was 29. Both of them seemed to turn out fine and so will you. :) If you want a reference, you can find it in Eleanor Knowles’ biography, Howard W. Hunter.

As an over-30 70's born Man Lion, I have to unfortunately agree with your assessment of our lion clan. I admittedly confess to similar tendencies (i.e. work too much, spend too much time with my “boys”). Please tell your friends that we are sorry. Paraphrasing the scriptures, “It has not been good for us men to be alone.” As many of your Man Lion friends will tell you, our parents have the temple prayer roll hotline on speed dial to call and put our names on there. Don’t give up on us yet. Paraphrasing another “wise” man in “so I’m telling you that you and your friends have a chance” which is better than “one in a million.” ;)

Lulucarrot said...

Good Job Charity! I love it!

the puma said...

I love it! And isn't it great to feel truly appreciated and respected exactly as you are? I'm excited to hear how this new way of living works out for you.

And I don't think many of us women are "giving up" on the Man Lions...we just have to make sure that we are looking for what we really want, rather than being stuck in tradition. If the Man Lion has it, great. If not, well there are Man Cubs out there. (At least that's how I see it.)

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

i say go for it! And since they haven't been home from their missions very long, they are very eager to date which sadly, gets lost in the older man group! take advantage charity. you deserve to be treated well!

Sara Jensen said...

Your post made me smile. Good luck with your man cubs!

DESTINY said...

Hello! My husband is 27! It worked for me! Go for it!!!!!

jane said...

yay! I am smiling just thinking about you driving home from your date smiling! Keep me posted!

Tiff said...

I love it! Fantastic idea...I'd never thought about this...just assumed you should date guys your age or older...how stupid! On the flip side, I've often thought that you & my sister in law (my favorite 2 single girls) are way too amazing for some lame guy that can't commit and has been on the 'scene' way too long! Maybe this is the answer...I hope so!

Aubrey said...

Charity, I have to admit, I skipped across this post in my blog reader b/c I am sooo anti-dating right now that anything with the title makes me dry heave. However, while out to dinner with my Mom last night, she told me she read this post (yes, my Mother reads your blog...haha!) and she told me I must read it. Charity, I think you're so right. Forget that they're still in school or just barely starting a job and paying off their student loans...the pros of a younger man TOTALLY outway the cons...well, in my opinion. So good luck with the man cubs. Love you mucho!!!!

T*town said...

First things first- this totally makes you a cougar. Don't be shy. Own it! Just like the happy-cheeks =)
Also, what is with the over-the-shoulder syndrome?! It's such a real thing. MOS (missing out syndrome) has hit some of the best dudes around. Lame, i know.
Thirdly, stamina?! Tell those older dudes to take their vitamins! They're making me look bad!