Day One

Shhh!!! Don't tell my mom!




Dopp Family said...

Wow Charity!! You got talent!! When I have enough money, I'm going to have you come give my home a makeover!

Growin' Like Weeds said...

I love what paint can do for a room! Great job, they'll love it.

Amelia Hohl said...

Wow I can't believe I found your blog! What have you been up to? Painting I see. I have also done the same just recently and with two kids I almost went insane and I'm still not done. If you want to check out my sites they're, and It's good to see what you've been up to!

Kit said...

I LOVE the color you chose for my bedroom!!!

IT is beeeautiful!

Love, love love what you did! How fun to come home to!