New favorite...

Since eating sugar for me means instant headache, fatigue, stiff & achy joints, muscle pain, acid reflux, etc. -- I'm always on the lookout for yummy treats that I can eat without sleeping through the next day. This book is going to revolutionize my treats. Most of the recipes are vegan, all are made with agave instead of sugar, which I can eat.

I made the lemon-mango sponge cake for my mom's birthday. The custard filling didn't set (sad) but it tasted good anyway!

Looking forward to actually getting to enjoy all the zucchini bread this summer!

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Kit said...

Charity That was the best cake ever, and even better the next day, in the trifle bowl, with more of that Sauce That Didn't Set drizzled on....who knew that your using 2 vanilla beans for $11.00 would make the vanilla cream sauce so amazingly superior to vanilla extract?

I enjoyed my birthday cake for four days! Thanks for your gift of love, you are sweeter than agave!