An extra ream of paper = another project

I can't just let it sit there, right? Favors for wedding guests, here we come!
Other outstanding projects for the next three weeks:
✓ tutus for the nieces
✓ bowties for the nephews
✓ finish my bridesmaid gifts
✓ choose a color from the samples I requested and order ties

And the last minute project wrap-ups that can’t happen until two days before:
✓ mount the brackets to stand up our backdrops (repurposed shutters my mom removed from the exterior of her home this summer)
✓ make a display for the favors (something kind of like this…but minus the sunglasses)

✓ white paper chains to fill in any holes in the décor
just when I thought I was done!

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jane said...

I can't wait! And, are you sleeping? How do you do it all? Amazing!