On a Wish & a Prayer

Only ONE paper cut later... (The box on the right is all going to Utah. By the time we were finished the box on the left was full of invitations going to every other state in the union).

Dropping these off at the post office yesterday morning, I MUST have felt a bit like Hannah as she dropped Samuel off with Eli's to serve the Lord for the rest of his life.

Okay, so maybe that's a little exaggerated and a tad sacrilegious. Nevertheless, I lingered as the post office worker dumped them into a plastic bin, blew them a kiss and said a brief prayer of gratitude for the resources and means to create them and for their safe arrival into the mailboxes of their intended recipients.
And yes, those are the generic forever bell stamps. I procrastinated and was unable to get cute stamps in time. Classy, I know.

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