You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello

T minus 1 week.
How do you describe the emotions that run the gamut of each possible one: excitement, trepidation, budding love, nervousness, joy, a lot of stress, even a little bit of fear of the unknown--followed by a whole lot of faith in a grander plan.

{art by lizzy hunter, found on 20x200}
If I weren't so busy coming down from the holiday high, packing/being homeless for a week/moving in with a boy(!), planning and executing last minute details for the wedding and throwing my ultimate party--the apex of my event planning career, I would try to take some time to say goodbye to singlehood. It has treated me very well these nearly 32 years! We've come through a lot together. A lot of heartache and lessons on relationships, a lot of self-discovery, a lot of testimony growing, a lot of good times!

Most importantly a whole lot of preparation to say hello to reciprocal commitment, more growth, probably more heartache, but more rewarding love, lasting covenants, and so many things that I don't even know to include so I'll just call it possibility.
Here's to 2011! One step closer to heaven...

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