So Delinquent!

Oh man. I have been so bad at blogging lately! I just barely caught up on my sister and sil's blogs today, still haven't had a chance to check anyone else's!

Today the Captain picked up a few hundred dollars worth of postage, since I never get home before the post office closes. It's so nice to have someone around who's got your back.
Today I used the "happy hour" at work--you know that end of the work week, everybody grabs a beer and some cheese & crackers in the kitchen 5 o'clock on a Friday hour. The hour that no one bothers to tell the mormon girl about ;) hour--to make an invitation to my church's monthly Welcome Social for December. This is the vector image that keeps on giving...

Yesterday my sturdy little HP inkjet printer ran out of toner because I am putting it through the ringer and printing all of our wedding invitations on it. poor little guy! Just 250 more to go. You can do it!!
Last week.
Last week I was in Utah! Visiting family and friends, getting showered (thanks again Em and Dest, et. al.), posing for pictures (aka: exploiting the talents of my siblings), welcoming my newest niece, and folding paper stars, flowers, snowflakes until my hands ached. but oh, I think it will pay off when we transform the reception hall into a paperie winter wonderland. (all will need posts of their own.)
Emily was so great to drop what she was doing, rearrange her schedule and drive down to take some pics for us. She did a fantastic job! She keeps asking me for my favorites so she can have a photographer friend (Jenna, who has kindly agreed to be our wedding photographer, yay!) to "fix them". Geesh! they don't even need any fixing! I love them just the way they are.

I know they say it's bad luck for the groom to see the dress before, I'm not that superstitious...but I'm purposely not posting photos of us together before...that I don't want to jinx ;).

The lighting just kept getting better and better! The Captain actually took this one...yep, I picked me a winner! I'm wearing my great grandmother Kay's self-made, hand knit sweater coat. Divine.

{hair & make up: Bethany Kartchner--you should have her do your hair. she's brilliant. Salon K in the Riverwoods.}


Auntie Em said...

i am insanely jealous of your talent (the flyer you made) and your sparkle (your photos) you are radiant! My mother has informed me that if I go into labor the weekend of your wedding I'm on my own. :) I am so excited for you beautiful Charity!

T*town said...

All those pix came out great! Glad to have been there in person....
That trip was SOOO much fun!

Sarah said...

can't wait to see more! and can't wait for your big day! we are so excited... and we're already talking about visiting you in NY! :)