In my search for safer personal care products, I stumbled on Jessica Alba's new endeavor, The Honest Company. They just launched in January of this year and this week have opened up their product store. Before, you could only purchase a bundle (diapers or family essentials) which auto-ships each month.  

I ordered the Discovery Kit and it came yesterday. For just the cost of shipping, it includes samples of their healing balm, hand soap, shampoo & body wash, face & body lotion, and laundry detergent. Are you dying over their packaging as much as I am? Being a sucker for good design, I was drooling over each piece, starting with the box it was all perfectly packaged in down to the thank you note.

I'm debating staying on the auto-ship ($35.95 for five items) or canceling and just purchasing as needed. Either way, I want to try their sunscreen. It has to be easier than making my own--which I tried last weekend in preparation for a week in Mexico with my family c/o dad and new wife. Quite the messy process. The sunscreen making, not the week with my family (fingers crossed at least).

I'll keep you posted on the products as I use them. Honestly (wink), I'm excited to find an affordable and safe alternative to setting up a potion lab in my kitchen (the Captain called my juicer a caldron the other day ;) ).

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