ohohoh Mexico...the sun's so hot I forgot to go home

It's my second full day back in the office and one of my bosses asked if I was out of vacation mode yet. Was I zoning? Ugh. I won't lie. I want to go back.

My family met up in Mexico last Monday to meet the new additions that came with my dad's recent nuptuals. The Captian and I couldn't bare the thought of a wasted weekend, so we flew down a couple days early. So glad we did because I definitely would have felt shorted even more than I did when we had to leave.

We didn't take many pictures with our own camera, so I'll have to borrow a photos. Until I get permission to do so, just be satisfied with a few camera phone shots from our first two days in Cancun.

We passed Hard Rock, Chili's, Planet Hollywood, Coco Bongo, even a Ruth's Chris. Then we found El Fish Fritanga, a little taco stand next to a mini mart. It was exactly what I was looking for.
Al Pastor for 9 pesos (Taco Bell prices circa 1995). I ate three plus one con pollo, but I wish I had just made it four al pastor.

 Round two for lunch the next day. This time was a burrito and it was really good.
Walking back from church. A guy on the bus was so surprised when we told him we were going to church in the area where the "locals" live. He kept trying to get us to go to the Catholic church downtown. Then the bus driver tried to drop us off at the Masonic temple. Sorry, wrong building. 

In the "locals" part of town. You're so trendy, Mexico!

The quiet before the chaos :). But, I wouldn't have it any other way!

 Our shuttle from the airport after meeting up with just a portion our a party of 23 to the resort in Playa. Three rows of good times. I love my family so much. The hardest part about being around them is having to say goodbye at the end of the vacation. More on this fun bus to come.

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