Weekend Recap on Wednesday

Pardon my lateness, but I had a lovely weekend. 
Friday after work, I ran a few "errands" in the fashion district. My favorite midtown fabric store did not disappoint. Projects to last several, several Saturdays.  

Saturday the weather was beautiful and Brooklyn was in rare form, hosting the Renegade Craft Fair. I only had to walk down a fourth of one aisle of tents before I was so overwhelmed by the talent that I was near tears. Beautiful creations. It was a bit surreal to find myself talking to the talent of Son of a Sailor, Claudia Pearson, Little Hip Squeaks, and enormouschampion.

Followed it up with a walk through Smorgasburg and landed in front of Dumont's booth. Yummy slider, vanilla shake and fresh kalamansi juice.

 I parked a few blocks away so I could enjoy the scenery. 

Sunday started out the way it usually does, breakfast and the Good Book for some final preparation for Sunday School. This Sunday, not only did I get to "teach" the adults, I got to spend an hour with our only Sunbeam, Tommy. We talked about how we can do hard things like David who slew Goliath and made a video with his phone (his mom's old one) of us singing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. All while wearing project 1 from my Friday spoils. This lovely coral variegated knit was perfect for this tutorial I found on Simple Simon & Co. So comfy and easy!  

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Emily Frame said...

Love that dress! Every girl should have it in every color.