I feel abandoned.

Last night at 1:37am I finished the book Eclipse and felt the darkness start to settle in. I miss him (meaning Edward) already. It's a good thing I'm single, because I don't think any man will be able to live up to my expectations after Edward Cullen and I wouldn't want my husband to feel less than satisfactory.


Freeman Family said...

Wait, what, single? And I totally love those books too! I seriously can't wait until the next one!-Amy

Growin' Like Weeds said...

So I just jinished Eclipes a half hour ago. I can't believe the feelings I felt either! Darren would just laugh at me b/c I'm not a reader, and this book has consumed me. It was all I wanted to do, now what do I have to look forward to. okay back to life...and that's probably what I've been ignoring.
Sorry to here about you and John. If you ever need to vent.
(I'm sure you have others to talk to but the offer still stands!)
I want you to be happy.

Natalie said...

I felt so depressed at the end of that book too. Not sure I could wait for the next installment. And you're right about the expectations, he's hard to live up to...I just had to remind myself it was Fiction.

The last Unicorn said...

I stumbled upon your blog during my "blog stalking" and had to comment. I felt so empty when I finished Eclipse... and I am married! There is something fun about having the vampire fantasy. Waiting for book #4 is painful. Maybe it gives us a taste of what Bella felt when Edward was away.
I hope to see you soon!