flash back

I like the concept of the "Flash-Back Friday" . There are so many things that I would have blogged about had blogs been invented . I was looking through my photos and found these, pics from when I worked at the Missionary Training Center in 2002-2004. I think I refer back to this time more frequently than any other. I LOVED teaching missionaries how to teach the gospel. I loved watching their testimonies grow along with their knowledge of and love for the scriptures. I only had each group for three weeks, since these missionaries didn't have to learn a new language, but it always amazed me how much we would bond in such a short amount of time. Every group/district that I taught was different, with a different dynamic and I learned different things from all of them. I kept a small notebook that I had all of them write in before they departed to the mission field, with a picture of each district. Sometimes, when I need a "pick-me-up" I read their comments and testimonies. What a blessed time in my life. I have run into a few of the elders I taught. At first it was really strange, but now it's just fun to see what they are doing with their lives now.

This pic is of some of my fellow teachers at a BBQ we had.


Just for Melissa said...

Charity! Cute blog! I love it. Send me your email address so I can invite you to mine... melissannejack.blogspot.com

{emily + russ} said...

i love the 3rd picture. they won't come within 6 inches of you.