Please preface with "Late Bloomer" below:

I have no qualms admitting that I am unconditionally and unequivocally obsessed with Edward Cullen. I'm pretty sure I've started my own hallucinations, hearing his velvety voice telling me to wait for him.

I read Twilight in two days.

I started New Moon today and am on page 243. Yes, that's me above, engrossed and my roommate Holly reading Eclipse. Our other roommate, Ashlee who took the picture was reading Twilight. So there we were, three fully-dressed girls on the beach on a Sunday reading the Trifecta.

There are things about today that could have been better, but geesh, for a few hours I was in heaven. 78 degree sunshine on the beach (in this pic, it had cooled off) with a seductive vampire was the best distraction I could ever dream of...well, except the real deal sharing my towel.

Can real life pahleaze be this intoxicating?

As a side note, In the Land of Women is playing in my DVD player right now (I know, hard for me to keep from going to my room to read) and I'm thinking that Kristen Stewart will make a pretty good Bella.


{emily + russ} said...

i'm so glad you finally caved. i wish i could be there to read it with you so we could have a hearts catch in our chests and then sit perplexed as to who could possibly play edward on film...

does new moon just kill you or what! its sooo good! i thought it was the best of them all.

i miss you, i love you...

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

I too am in love with those books. I couldn't put them down. I neglected my kids for 3 days while i read the whole series. It was intense, but loved it.

are you an edward or jacob fan?

charity said...

I love Edward. Jacob's great, but who can deny the intensity of anticipation? my heart races just thinking about it!

I'm about 60 pages from the end of New is such a drag and I am counting down the minutes. Better than waiting for Christmas.

collin a.k.a vampire book hater said...

I don't care if our next child is boy or girl, it's name will be Edward.

Please only read it once, Liz has read them twice, and I'm tired of her always handing me vampire fangs asking me to wear them please.

DESTINY said...

oh yeah baby! I loved them too, in fact, i just finished the series for the third time. glad you are enjoying them!

Kit Kartchner said...

Oh, if only real life love could last at that intensity!

Sometimes fiction is better than fact!
I love your photo. . .you girls; the beach, the books. . What a perfect day. Wish I could have been there too!
Love you SOOO much, Charity....Mom