Till We Meet...

President Gordon B. Hinckley passed away just over an hour ago. I will miss this man!

I feel very blessed to have heard him speak just two weeks ago in the Southern California Regional Conference broadcast from Salt Lake. He revisited a talk given some time ago and spoke of four corner stones of marriage. I thought I would share with you all my notes from his talk.

1. Mutual Respect: We all have differences and are, by nature, individuals. Though we must work to ameliorate them, differences are not undesirable. They can make companionship more interesting. We need to focus on the comfort and well-being of the other and stop looking for faults and start looking for virtues. There is no basis in the gospel for superiority/inferiority. We need to respect each other and be deserving of respect. Relationships take patience, forgiveness and true affection.

2. Soft Answers: Communication is mostly just conversation. Let your conversation be quiet. The voice of heaven is a still small voice. Be slow to anger.

3. Financial Honesty: Pay an honest tithe. Consult with each other and agree on big purchases while having a degree of freedom on everyday, smaller expenditures. Live honestly with each other and with others. Be unified in decisions.

4. Family Prayers: Companionship will sweeten and love will strengthen through couple prayer. Children will be blessed by the security of parents who pray together and hold family prayer. You will be directed by the Spirit as parents and as a couple.

What a legacy he is leaving on this earth! What a reunion in the courts on high! I can only imagine the abundance of joy as he reunited with his sweet wife, Marjorie. What kind of reunion would there have been with the Savior and His prophet and friend?

I am very grateful for a testimony of living prophets and continued revelation. I cannot express in words the comfort and hope of knowing that the Lord has not left us, His children, to our own devices. He has provided a structure and process for the continuation of prophetic guidance and leadership.


Beth and JC Davis said...

All I can say is that I agree. I will miss him so much! We have been so blessed to have had such an incredible example in our lives.

m spot said...

this is a beautiful post charity. thank you for your beautiful words!

Aubrey said...

I love this post Charity. You have such a sweet testimony of the gospel. I too am grateful for his last words to the saints of Southern California. Prophetic words to live by! I hope we never forget him and the legacy he left behind.