I love books

As an elite member of the Borders Reward Club, I freqently receive coupons in the email like this:

I stopped by the La Habra store last night on my way home so I could finally purchase this:

Which isn't a book, but is based on a book, a really good book....

And I saw a poster that said something like this:

"Romance! Buy 4, Get the 5th Free!"

Is that what it takes? Do I have to purchase FOUR before I can get a FREE romance?

And then I started to think, what if I hadn't seen the sign and had come for the purpose of purchasing romance? I can imagine taking my treasure to the counter and being surprised to look at the transaction total. "What is this?" I would exclaim. "But I purchased ten romances and am only being charged for eight!"

Wouldn't that be a fun day? Surprised by Free Romance.

That could make an interesting book title.


Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

romance isn't cheap these days. however. i'm all about a freebie!

|emily| said...

i keep getting comments that say "look here" and the link is pornography. sad. people need to get a life.