super tuesday...barf.

It was an bright, clear, brisk spring day. Hello beautiful day! I walked myself down the street to our neighborhood voting center and cast my ballot. I wore my sticker proudly all day and carefully placed it on the bulletin board upon returning home. At 11 pm, I check the news and I didn't feel so super anymore.

Fear, darkness, angst begin to set in. Who will I vote for now???


{emily + russ} said...

word to that sister.

p.s. love that francis bacon quote.

p.p.s how do you change the cookie everyday?

p.p.p.s. what's your new calling?

Sara Jensen said...

My sentiments exactly. You can still write in Romney. I will never vote for McCain.

Lezlie Wagner said...

We tried so hard to get that little mormon in there!

{emily + russ} said...

p to the 4th degree.s.

how much would i have to pay you to make me a new blog header that's cute and perky like you(rs)?