I'd like to thank the Academy...

After more than two years as a Southern California resident, I finally got to be a tourist. My cute mom was in town and treated me to a "Wicked" matinée at the Pantages theater in Hollywood.Here's a pic of the stage...which was all the more amazing surrounded by the vintage art deco-ness of the Pantages.

Since I'm SO into the LA lifestyle, I didn't even know that the Academy Awards are on tonight. Hollywood Blvd was all decked out for the event that glorifies...um...you know (I'm trying to curb my appetite for judgment).

But honestly, it was only a matter of time until I would have to pay my respects to the mecca of film and entertainment.

We strutted down the Walk of Fame,

and found cutie Zack Efron on Hollywood Blvd,

Said 'hello' to Oscar,

Walked the Red Carpet,

Posed in the Kodak Theater,

Paid tribute to Harry Potter and others at Grauman's Chinese Theater,

And finished up the evening with Italian at the Hollywood & Highland Center.

Thanks for playing with me Mom! I had a much needed blast!
Love you!


|emily| said...


charity said...

we missed you em!!!

Aubrey said...

What a fun mother-daughter outing! PS- Loving your shoes on the red carpet!

The Hokanson Family said...

how fun Charity. What a cute mom to come visit and take you to do fun stuff. I liked the picture of your foot on the red carpet. Pretty cool.

Keepin' up with the Jones' said...

how fun to have your mom there! looks like you guys lived the high life. I'm going to have to come and see it for myself because it looks like you are an amazing tour guide!