amen and amen.

I was just going through my drafts and I found this post saved. Just a title and this photo. I'm pretty sure I blogged it for reals so this must have been an accidental save and start over. Good times. A quintessential family Saturday, circa July 2009.

Liz is behind the lens. You can see nothing of Avery laying on my lap except the yellow neoprene of her life jacket. Emily and Collin have prime spots on the "sun deck" and Russ is lounging inside. I don't remember who was being towed or what they were doing, but clearly it was something to behold. I'd guess my dad was driving. I don't know exactly when things shifted to him being out of the water more than in. There was a phase when he definitely would hog the tow time. Now I think he's pretty content to be the tow-er.

Oh, to be on the lake again.

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