More Hippy Talk

After my detox post yesterday, I feel the need to give another update, however retroactive.

After many years of slathering my pucker with petroleum, I have given it up. That's right, my trusty sidekick, Aquaphor. Kicked to the curb. Remember this post and this post? Aren't we all just a work in progress?

For the last month or so, I've been using a combination of coconut oil and vitamin E. And I swear it works better plumping what needs to be plumped and smoothing what needs to be smoothed.  AND I no longer worry about ingesting. In fact, sometimes I lick my lips just so I have to apply more.

I keep a tub (actually, my old Aquaphor tub cleaned out--that was fun scooping out that goop and throwing it in the garbage) of coconut oil and a bottle of vitamin E capsules on my vanity/dresser and this little guy on my desk at work.

Now I just need to find some natural and safe pigment to give myself a little lipcolor. Any recommendations?

**NOTE (5/10/12): I've read that coconut oil is comedogenic so it may clog pores. The only time I use it on my face (other than my lips) is around my eyes or on a blemish. It has antibacterial properties and it's been great for things like that. Like today, I had an allergic reaction to a hair product this morning (wait for it in another post) and itched like crazy for about an hour before I had the brilliant idea to rub a little coconut oil on it. It's now 5pm and it hasn't itched since. I LOVE using vitamin E oil around my eyes.

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